Working With People

2014-05-08 00:56:19 by Piper



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2014-05-08 01:20:56

Ya know. Theres a new series that just popped up in the portal today (technically yesterday for me but whatever) that I feel you should check out.
Don't ask why but I feel yo voice actin skizzilez would "work" with this. But thats just me.

Piper responds:

Well if you get the chance put in a good word for me! ;) Thanks for the heads up. I'll check it out.


2014-05-08 05:47:51

Very well said. It's tough producing content, when the maturity level of some of our members, is somewhat less than ideal.

Piper responds:

Haha. Thanks for watching it. Yeah, it's tough, man. People can get so weird. Bah. But it's all good. I have so many amazing and creative people I get to work with it's all worth it. I'm grateful.


2014-05-08 09:56:22

Wow, did you see that? Your perverted psychic alter-ego was using you all along to get pics!

Your masterful acting aside, I think there's barrels of truth in this video and your views on professionalism and stuff are spot on.

Also...around 3:31 into the video for 'emotionally devastated' face.

Keep up the magic on your side and I look forward to any future projects you're involved in!


Piper responds:

Yeah, my perverted psychic alter-ego is always groping me in my sleep. I can't get a wink!

Thanks! I hope to not disappoint!


2014-05-10 05:38:02

I think a lot of the problems stem from two types of people on NG. Those that are serious buisiness oriented and maybe see some sort of future doing whatever and those that just are hobbyist laypersons with no aspirations for anything serious.


2014-05-13 02:58:42

...yeah, I'm just hoping I didn't send you any fruitcakes, I do recommend you for certain roles, along with headphoamz. I sent your post link to 2 aspiring female VA's.... I owe kel-chan a favor for drawing me a picture. Sometimes I wish I had this kind of support before I joined up w/ NG, you can learn a lot from this place. Once Tom shuffles the adult stuff off to a new site, the ad-rev will be much better here.


2014-05-15 11:45:29

When I get the time to, will do!
Okay. Let me know what you think of it.


2014-06-09 10:22:25

No wonder you became a voice actor with such a calm, clear and entertaining voice. Helpful vid. Kudos for the daily first with "Sweet Dreams Hotshot" today.
I'm feeling desserted now, time to eat something.


2014-06-10 03:47:15

Hello Piper. :)


2014-06-14 07:18:13

absolutely 2cute4u


2014-06-20 22:29:59

Oh my God. What a LOVELY voice! I think I could watch this video 33 times a day. :3


2014-06-25 12:35:54

o.O you're older than your voice.

Gold advices! Thanks.