New Video Up

2014-01-14 20:43:09 by Piper

It's not an update.  However, it is a slight welcome for newcomers to my voice acting channel and a demonstration of something people ask quite often...

<this video has been removed. sorry to disappoint.>




And yes, that's my real voice, what were you expecting? :P   Much love!   - Pipes



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2014-01-14 21:10:41

Why can't I do cool stuff like this? ._.

Piper responds:

Aww. But you can, dude! You can :) Just find a place to start with whatever hobby you wanna do. You can do it man. (as long as you're not, y'know hurting anyone :P )


2014-01-14 21:39:05

oh ma gewd. Im japanese and you can speak 3 times better than me ;-;

Piper responds:

Oh boy. You must be really bad ;)
Cause I'm just barely holding onto anything over here heheh.


2014-01-14 22:29:32

Nah.....the "coolest" thing I can do is play guitar.
And even then I'm pretty crappy xD
I want to learn a couple other languages. But I don't know if I'll ever get around to it.
I want to learn German and Norwegian.
Both because my father's side of the family came to the US from Norway and my mom's came from Germany (theres apparently some Irish on her side too but I don't know...)
And even if I DID learn either of those I don't know when I'd use em. I don't go anywhere or do anything that'd involve my using German or Norwegian. And I don't voice act so...yeah.

Piper responds:

Well learning a new language doesn't always have to be practical. It can just be a hobby of yours, you could learn to read books in their native language like Jo Nesbø's novels (Norwegian) and look real neato with your book in hand. "You can read this?" - "Yep." - "Whoa, dude." - "Yeah, I know." ;) Haha.


2014-01-15 01:04:50

Hmm. You DO have a point there.
Though I feel that if I learn a language I should at least make an attempt to make a use out of them other than that. Like go to Norway or Germany one day and actually ya able to talk to people there.

Piper responds:

That'd be cool! Oh how fun. :)


2014-01-15 04:20:04

Those are some marvellous Japanese skills there!

I'm learning Japanese so I recognised some words (like 'kyonen') but other than that...I was more focused on the subtitles than yourself. :P

Everyone knows 'Konnichiwa', of course.

Anyway, keep up the fab voice-acting talents on your side, and take care!


Piper responds:

That's awesome! And thank you :)

And I will! <3


2014-01-15 09:07:53

Yeah :P
But like I said. I don't know if I'll ever get around to it.


2014-01-15 13:09:43

Typo on 0:32, Vidoes?

(Updated ) Piper responds:



2014-01-15 18:50:58

And a konnichi wa to you too!

Piper responds:



2014-01-16 00:25:44

I guess the real question is, do you speak with someone who speaks it fluently often?

Piper responds:

Not often enough.


2014-01-16 22:25:29

I guess it sounds accurate enough, though it doesn't have that sing-songy rhythm, to properly accentuate the meaning of the words. At least, that's what I've been told in the past about Oriental type languages. You have my deepest respect for learning such a dissimilar language!

Piper responds:

Yeah. I was literally pulling the words from my brain as I was talking, because I hadn't said those combinations of words before. Definitely a break in rhythm. Though most Japanese people who I speak with tell me I sound just like a young Japanese girl except that I speak slower. So I must be doing something right. And thanks for the respect, man. :)


2014-01-20 23:09:20

You're very Hayai in your flow, but I was too Hayakunai to keep up :/

Piper responds:

Haha, aww. You were ososugiru, huh? There are subtitles if you'd like. I did some in Japanese too.


2014-01-21 11:26:43

@Viper50 (._.) I have been learning Japanese for over a year and I couldn't speak as accurate as this.


2014-01-21 12:46:21

Oh. Well....okay ._.


2014-01-25 21:49:41

dat language

Piper responds:

Yep :P


2014-01-30 21:10:05

I could have sworn there were two new comments that I was aiming to respond to. Now I'm only seeing one. Ah well.


2014-01-30 22:02:52

aww, you poor thing. there there.

Piper responds:

Lol. I'm guessing someone thought better of their comment and deleted it then.