Comma one, comma all!

2013-08-06 07:31:15 by Piper

"You use a lot of commas," someone said to me recently. Yeah, that's because the commas are supposed to go into the spaces I insert them into, you dope! Comma on, man. Get widdit!

Anyway, I've dropped in to let you all know that I have some super secret agent stuff going on at home; lots of late night missions and grueling stake-outs. So I've been off the Newgrounds' map for nearly 8 days straight and this may continue to be the case. I send you all my fluffy, fluffy love. Keep it real, guys!



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2013-08-06 11:04:37

Secret agents can telecommute to work?

Piper responds:

Don't they usually? :)


2013-08-06 12:52:03

you, are, suck, and, very, annoying, there, you, know, it, please, do, not, talk, any, more.

Piper responds:

I am Weasel! I.R. Baboon!


2013-08-06 13:18:35

you,are,awesome,and,a,very,talented,voice,actr ess,there,you,know,it,please,do,talk,more.

Piper responds:

Aww. Lots of hugs for Asandir! :3 You rock.


2013-08-07 07:09:46

Commas are fine! Although it's important to remember what it was you were going to write after a comma, because otherwise,

Also, that PUNctuational joke was just terrible. Period.

Piper responds:

Hahaha. ;)


2013-08-07 13:12:10

G, r, a, m, m, a, r, N, a, z, i, A, l, e, r, t, s, !

Piper responds:

What's a Gramma RNA Z1 alert? Some kind of precaution for elderly people against ribonucleic acid?


2013-08-07 16:24:32

Commas used to help me in VA work.. along with cryptic squiggles and lines above and below the text, to indicate my tone-changes or speed.

As per my previous comment, well yeah, nowadays, they do (telecommute)! All they need to do is look at FB, internet search engine and ISP records. I read an article the other day, where the FBI showed up to family's house, to inquire about why they searched for a pressure cooker, and looked at certain websites. The government likes to nip things in the bud, even protests they don't support.

(Updated ) Piper responds:

Yeah, I think it's safe for me to say that the general public tends to scare the government, as well as it being the other way around. It's a very interesting relationship we all seem to have, huh?

As for the commas, it really doesn't bother me online. Like when it's just people chatting or posting. To be honest, I just brought it up to be silly and playful; it was on my mind. I prefer to try and keep a good habit of comma use so that writing documents and emails correctly stays second nature to me, but I really don't care to correct anyone as I'm sure they already know it themselves. Have you heard of the book 'Eats, Shoots & Leaves?' A friend of mine shared it with me back in high school. It's quite fun. :)

EDIT: I forgot to mention. You're so right. Commas can make or break a proper delivery of your lines if there are commas missing. So helpful!


2013-08-08 02:22:38

Did you get my card? good luck with all of your "secret agent" stuff. we'll be waiting for you to get back. o and give him my best will ya?

Piper responds:

Hahaha omg I was just about to log out. Glad I saw this. Yes, we got the card. So sweet of you! <3 I'll text you after tomorrow's visit to update you on everything. Have a good night!


2013-08-10 19:55:01

Thanks for the fav a lot! Here's the return :)

Piper responds:

You're welcome. It was actually quite awhile ago that I began following you. It was your music that caught my attention. Thank you for returning the gesture.


2013-08-11 16:30:29


Piper responds:

It's been quite the journey. What's neat is that I'm finally done. :P