Video Tomorrow

2013-05-11 00:17:59 by Piper

Uploading a new video tomorrow. It's on a channel you haven't been on yet. You may have noticed my older one has been deleted. Please excuse me for that, but I have really good reasons for it! Looking forward to getting back out there.

You can subscribe now and get it in your sub box automatically tomorrow, or you can just wait for it here, I don't mind either way. The point is to be able to have different platforms to interact with you guys on. Thanks so much for being understanding. I hope all of you are doing well!

Update: I got a little over excited about uploading a video for my channel, that I forgot that it's going to take me some editing time. Not to mention I wanted to kick back, eat a giant bowl of fruit and watch Logan's Run today. AGH, plus we have mothers day tomorrow and I'm being forced into some "motherly" event with ... the in laws. So while some recording may take place today I'm not sure when my video will be going up.

Gives me some time to do some more brain storming though, what do you think should be put into the video? I mean, what do I even say to you guys?


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