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Oooh. I like this.

Just heard this on the Newgrounds radio. Nice! Followed~

I already follow you, so I must have already liked your music, but now- oh I'm so excited about this song. This is great. I'm imagining so many cool scenes. Way to go!

AnalogByNature responds:

Thank you - and it's YOU! You are the Hyper Piper!!!
What a small world this is! :D

Very easy on the ears. Love it.

Especially when you really get into it in the second half, it is spendlid! It's so cool! The lyrics and the music are a beautiful celebration of Ruby and The finger Eater. Seriously, good job, dude. I'll be doing my best to promote this! :) Much love, from me to you! You rock!

AntonM responds:

Thanks for all the kind words Piper :)
much love2U2

New favorite song.

This is funny. Boobs *are* nice. However, Bob kind of slurred his last name a bit and for me it ruined the illusion of him being a news reporter. So half a star off for that. My honest review suggestion is trying to enunciate a bit more. As voice actors we all go through trying to remember that. Thanks for sharing. :)

acdramon responds:

Thank you for the feedback! I shall take in the said feedback with the might of the gods!

Hey, Envy. Funniest thing. I was looking for a beginner telescope for a gift when I did a search on youtube for some reviews. Found your video about the Celestron FirstScope Telescope. Was excited when I saw the Newgrounds link for the music and that you made it yourself. Funny bumping into you this way. I like it. Good job.

Hahaha. Very funny. Actually, I imagined the shark in your profile picture. This voice would fit it very well. Only constructive advice, that it would be so much more awesome to hear this on a clearer mic. :) Thanks for sharing!

Keisok responds:

I understand. I just lack the funding to set up a more professional studio unfortunately. Auralex foam and a dynamic/condenser mic set up costs a notable amount of cash that I don't have available sadly.

Yeh boi kill'em.

For voice over inquiries please EMAIL me. Contact info down below. Newgrounds users get priority so let me know who you are. Thanks for visiting my page.

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