2016-11-29 17:23:06 by Piper

It's time I bring to the public ear, the arduous journey of McPoopy-Pants Jr. 

I see some of you are laughing. This is not funny. This kid died of a poopy. How would you feel if your mom died of a poopy as a kid. Think about that.


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2016-11-29 17:52:10

It warms my heart to see awareness being raised for killer poopies


2016-11-29 17:54:21

I love all of your audio tracks!!! Your stuff has an interesting sound! :D Keep up the great work! I'm defiantly a fan! If you want to sometime you checkout some of my comedy arts. :)

Piper responds:

Eeyyaaawwww SHUCKS! :D


2016-11-29 18:40:03

Not that again xD


2016-11-29 22:28:11



2016-11-29 23:58:34

That's how I want to die.


2016-11-30 03:11:23

fuck off granny tranny

Piper responds:

who THA FUCK told you my pet name?


2016-11-30 17:01:30

your mom when i was pissing in her ass while she cried over how disappointing her spawn is


2016-11-30 21:58:55

That's not funny. My little cousin died of rapid anal discharge.
You're a disgrace

Piper responds:

I'm sorry. I donated to the Rapid Anal Discharge Foundation in your name. please forgive me.


2016-12-01 01:51:51

not as much as piper i can guarantee you that


2016-12-01 14:47:01

"How would you feel if your mom died of a poopy as a kid?".
I wouldn't.
Because I wouldn't exist.
Weird audio, though. Nice, I guess?

Piper responds:

Hahaha. Yeah that was kind of my joke. :P maybe you got it though and are just joking right back? Can't tell.

And I honestly can't take credit for the writing. I was recording a session and these kids kept screaming stuff in the street outside my window. This was one of the exchanges. It was the most bizarre and dramatic thing I'd heard in a while. I shared the words in text on my Twitter and was challenged by a couple people to act it out for everyone, since the mic could only hear their screams but not make out the words. It was a good opportunity to showcase a few of my child voices.

Anyway thanks for listening! Heheh


2016-12-04 20:44:09

Why, this is exactly how Bowel Boy #7 died.
Life isn't easy for the Septic Avenger's sidekicks.

(Really not sure why I find this so humerus xD It's above mediocre at best xD)

(Updated ) Piper responds:

Hahaha This is probably some of my best work. And I owe it all to the kids outside my house screaming because one of them "got a poopy! Anghhhhh!! "