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2014-03-25 18:42:19 by Piper

So, I never told you, Katsucon 20 was a lot of fun. I met and personally spoke with Greg Houser, Bill Rogers, Ellyn Stern Epcar and Richard Epcar about voice acting. I ran into a lot of other cool people and yes, I dressed up.


 Go ahead. Laugh. I know, it's dorky looking. But I had fun!

This year's con was a little interesting. Many of our special guests were showing up late because of flight cancellations that were due to the snow storm. In the end though everything worked out for the best. This year I made it a point to show up an hour early for each of the panels, because last year I barely made it into a panel. I'll admit here, that this did result in a lot of sitting around and waiting (actually, this photo was taken of me while waiting) which is why I may invest in a VIP pass next year. I focused this year on voice acting panels, hopping from one to the next. A couple of the panels I found extra helpful were the 3 Day VA workshop with Greg Houser and Bill Rogers (the guys in that group photo where I'm in costume) and the voice directing panel with Ellyn and Richard (the two in the group photo without costume.)

After that last panel, I had a chance to speak face to face with Ellyn and Richard at an autograph session. In which I was startled with some kind words from Ellyn. "You know, you have a great voice! The industry really needs voices like yours." which from hearing, I blushed and gushed all over myself, thanked her and got back in line for Richard's autograph.Then I was thrown into another frenzy when Richard said "You have a really great voice. The voice acting industry is always looking for voices like yours."  Then Ellyn chimed in from across the way, "That's what I just said to her!" Then I fell over and died. I'd never felt as empowered or as appreciated as I did in that large carpeted hall outside Ballroom C. I walked on air for the rest of the day. [I'm telling you this, because it really meant a lot to me. Ellyn and Richard are not magical faeries that say who is talented and who isn't, all they said was my voice has a demand in the market, which encouraged me.]


Between the new knowledge I'd gained, all the information buzzing around in my mind and the encouragement from the world of voice acting, I knew right then and there on my way home that I owed it to myself and everyone who believes in me, to do my best and be the best I can be.

As some of you may have noticed, I have a new website up, Go on and check it out it you'd like. It has information on projects I'm working on, a blog and a full history of my work. It's initial purpose is actually for networking purposes but I've tried to make it more appealing for anyone who wants to visit. I hope you guys like it, and even more, I hope that my drive to do well can inspire you in some way to do the same for yourself, for whatever it is you want to do in life. Thank you for all of your continued support. I am so grateful.

Much love!
- Pipes


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2014-03-25 19:03:35

Piper Ann, Piper Ann, is she cool? Is she lame?

She posted a news update! She MUST be cool!

Right? RIGHT?


Hi there, inactive friend.

Piper responds:

Hello there, Remorph! As vibrant and sing-song as usual, I see. Love it!


2014-03-25 19:45:09


Piper responds:

Thanks for your lengthy contribution! Lol


2014-03-25 20:51:04

Pretty striking anime-esque costume there, Piper Ann! Is it supposed to be from an existing anime character or something?

Website looks pro and love the background visuals. Very bright and friendly. :)

Anyway it sounds like you had quite an enjoyable experience and it's great to hear that you're getting recognition for your talents. Take care!


(Updated ) Piper responds:

I just dressed up to have fun and go with the theme of things. Heheh. You know, it feels great being around people who don't judge you for having fun and imagination. Also, you can just call me, Piper. :) actually, I prefer it. Thanks for the review of my site, Haha. And Yeah, I wanted to share that story with you guys, because, the moment meant a lot to me, and I wanted you guys to know I'm putting my all into it. Thank you for such a lovely comment.

- Pipers


2014-03-25 21:51:15's true. You DO have a really good voice for voice acting.

Piper responds:

D'aww. And to think, all those people who made fun of my voice growing up... I will have my revenge!


2014-03-25 21:53:09

Love it? Now you're just flattering me. :)

Piper responds:

No, really. Loving the high energy! :3


2014-03-25 22:06:47

Slick website! I'm jelly!

Piper responds:

Hay tanks! :P


2014-03-25 22:08:23

Looks like you had fun Pipes! it is always cool to meet your heroes. If you ever need another testimonial on your site, I'd be happy to contribute :)

Piper responds:

Yes, lots of fun. Can't wait until next year. I've been invited as a guest speaker to a couple of other cons here in the Northeast, but I don't think I'm ready for that yet. xD

Yes, please! I'll message you on Skype.


2014-03-25 23:08:51

Good, you got some new info, hints, tricks and tips, well worth the fuss of flying in! I hate to be a guy and all, but did you have an specific character in mind, with your ensemble? Cat Planet Cutie?

Piper responds:

Yeah, it was worth them flying in! I didn't have to move much. Just took the bus to the Gaylord Convention Center which is just in National Harbor, directly outside Washington, D.C. - no more than 15 minutes away- And actually, no I had no character who I was so taken by to do a costume of them. So I did this punk/fox girl kind of thing. And is there really such a thing as a Cat Planet Cutie? That's hilarious. Japan, cashing in on the cuteness! Bahaha.


2014-03-26 04:47:50

When I was little, my uncle told me that if there was a way to bottle up all of my energy to sell it, he'd be a rich man.

Today, that seems to not be the case, as he is not rich.

Of course, energy cannot be bottled, but let's forget that tiny little detail in order to make a not very funny joke! Haha! Why not!?

Piper responds:

That is the goal in life, no? To bottle up energy and use it for when we need it. I'd buy. Haha.


2014-03-26 12:14:44

And the revenge will be shall bathe in the blood of your enemies!
......a bit too far?

Piper responds:

Hmm. Maybe, just a bit? :P


2014-03-26 21:20:34

Ohhh... so many cool photos :D
Totoro, Megaman BN characters, and.... Lord Canti, is that it?
Wish i could be there... oh well..

(Updated ) Piper responds:

Thanks! And yeah, there's also James Kidd. Also I'm very grateful to have been able to go. I would have never had the budget had it not happened in my own backyard. With pre registration it only cost me about forty-five dollars to go.


2014-03-27 20:02:09

Bottling energy is a goal in life? Then life is pointless, because we CAN'T bottle energy. :3