CHERI by Eastbeast

2013-08-25 18:03:54 by Piper

The monthly writing contest of June, challenged writers to create a short story in which they restricted any use of visual description. From stories of loss to stories of triumph, they lit up the MWC13 entry thread with their creative sparks. As a prize, in conjunction with others, the finalists were rewarded with an audio booklet, put together by 16 different voice over artists who offered to be part of the contest.

All of the stories were brilliant and there were many contenders for the top places, yet I was quite lucky enough to have had Esty be the first place winner. (Winner Results) His story, Cheri is truly a painting of sensory. His in depth description of the tiny details that we tend to miss throughout our daily life made it very easy for me to get creative with the audio booklet, and for that I am grateful.

---------------------------------Cheri by Esty (EASTBEAST) Audio Booklet ----------------------------------
------------------------------------------Cheri by Esty (EASTBEAST) Text---------------------------------------

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and I hope that everyone involved (or not for that matter) will continue to let their creative minds venture into new and exciting places. Don't ever put out a flame, let your imaginations burn brightly.

Much love,


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2013-09-30 21:01:04


Piper responds:

Why. Oh. You.


2013-10-06 18:13:59

:) have you guys thought about writing an audiobook? I would be the first to get it. Awesome narration.

Piper responds:

Aww, really? That is so awesome! I'll talk to them about it. :)


2013-10-13 17:30:44

Have you even tried to participate in big project like video game and things? Because you really have potential for it.

Piper responds:

Well, I was working with someone on a game, but that didn't work out. - On their end not mine.

I have been approached to do a voice for another game in the works and I look forward to sharing that you guys when it comes out. In fact only about 20 percent of the work I've done has been published yet. Some projects have even taken several months, so stay tuned! :)


2013-10-14 20:35:05

:3 I don't want to sound rude, but I still believe you can sing... right?

(Updated ) Piper responds:

Yes. Sometimes very well! Sometimes not so much. Depends on the genre and key. My range is that of a middle schooler heheh. Probably because that's the last place I ever trained my voice for singing.