Death to my pop filter!

2013-05-13 13:26:00 by Piper

Long story short, I have completely annihilated my pop filter (it's 'need-to-know' information!) and looking to replace it. I'm doing my own research but I figured I'd open this up to you.

If you have a pop filter you believe to be highly functional and works really well for you, I'd really like you to suggest it to me.

I really appreciate it.

UPDATE: Pretty satisfied with how the post went. Some interesting interactions and opinions on the validity of a pop filter. It was nice reading each of your comments. The new one was ordered yesterday, comes in soon.


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2013-05-13 19:22:49

I'm pretty sure I need to know that information.

Well a lot of folks will tell you that you can rig it with a sock, and I can't say I know they're wrong. Back when I got the Yeti, I also threw the Blue pop filter in with it. I guess it's worked for me so far, but I haven't tried enough other things to know how well necessarily. It's not like I can blow directly into it as hard as I can with no audible consequence.

Piper responds:

Thanks. I'll check it out. :)


2013-05-13 19:29:08

IDK, the old timers used to just take some panty hose, and wrap it around a ring, in front of the mic.... that's as far as my thinking takes me, outside of post-production software filters.

Piper responds:

Thanks. That's pretty good input actually. :3


2013-05-14 18:48:56

I got a Nady 6 inch clamp on Pop filter off of Amazon. Its a pop filter, and it filters the pops! Its not rocket science! You just need something to block the air from hitting the mic while still letting in the sound.

Piper responds:

Rocket science is actually quite simple in my opinion, so maybe it is rocket science. :P
Thanks. Surprisingly enough, the free pop filter I'd received with my mic last year really stank. Thanks again. ~


2013-05-14 20:22:34

Where you drunk thought you were Mario and punched it thinking it was a ? box?

Piper responds:

Man, so close! But I don't drink.


2013-05-14 20:59:07

Hmm....were you mad about something and punched it and you were all like "HULK SMASH!!!!!!" then proceeded to turn green and cause your only pair of purple pants to get all torn up?

Piper responds:

Hmm, that only happened once before. But not this time. ;)


2013-05-14 22:50:31

I wouldn't mind turning into the Incredible Hulk. Then I can tear cars in half and no one can stop me! >:D
But then all my clothes would get all torn up if that happened......and I like my clothes ._.

Piper responds:

Haha. You silly pants.


2013-05-16 12:28:30

Oh hey sorry for like...derailing your news post ._.

Piper responds:

It's cool. I mean. It's my post, I can do what I will with it. If you were bugging me I'd say so.


2013-05-17 05:20:05

This ain't no chat room, fool! Dip your broken pop filters in chocolate ice cream and rice krispies.

Piper responds:

Good advice. I'll give it a try.


2013-05-17 12:53:17

Oh okay. I have a problem with going waaaaaaaay off subject whenever I comment on people's posts.


2013-05-17 12:54:37

Probably just my ADHD acting up ._.


2013-05-19 17:36:45

I keep forgetting to even use my pop filter. I've got a little one that came with the mic, but it's virtually useless.
I need to start using that.
And editing out sibilance.
My esses make me cringe.

(Updated ) Piper responds:

I've been trying to do this one voice that requires me to be really close to the mic. It's those voices that give me trouble. I can do deeper voices for like, a boy or something- but if I want to do a deeper voice and still sound feminine I have to talk much more quietly and breathier. Even with the pop filter I was pushing out contaminated lines.

I can feel your pain.


2013-05-27 17:38:17

Nice work on Wapeach, crystal clear audio :)

Piper responds:

Oh, haha. Thank you very much.