2013-03-06 23:44:13 by Piper

I have a viral tonsillitis. I just wanted to share in case not everyone has gotten the news that I am indeed sick. I've messaged everyone I have on Skype and have recent messages with. So if you've been forgotten, I'm sorry. Though, if I can minimize the stress from all of this, get some good rest and heal up I'll be able to bounce back sooner. So patience and understanding is appreciated.

Hope everyone else has survived the hay fever season!

UPDATE: Throat is still really bad today. I tried doing some of my voices and they sound like crap. Not to mention it hurt. Aggh!! I hate this. Anyway. That's my update.


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2013-03-07 14:48:53


Hope you get well!

(Updated ) Piper responds:

Thanks! ... So this wouldn't happen to be CD from the convention at National Harbor would it? It's okay if you're not him. Either answer will do. Thanks again!


2013-03-07 23:06:00

Aww, sorry to hear this. Eat some greens and either gargle salt water, or have some chips :)
Do take care!

Piper responds:

Ooh yeah! I love them green foods! Hehe. Thanks. I feel good in spirit right now especially logging in to see this kind of support! :)


2013-03-08 03:10:14

I live in Sweden, so... probably not. :)

Piper responds:

Ahh haha. Okay. Well then. Nice to meet you.


2013-03-08 11:45:26