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Comma one, comma all!

8/6/13 by Piper

"You use a lot of commas," someone said to me recently. Yeah, that's because the commas are supposed to go into the spaces I insert them into, you dope! Comma on, man. Get widdit!

Anyway, I've dropped in to let you all know that I have some super secret agent stuff going on at home; lots of late night missions and grueling stake-outs. So I've been off the Newgrounds' map for nearly 8 days straight and this may continue to be the case. I send you all my fluffy, fluffy love. Keep it real, guys!



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8/20/13 Piper responds:

It's been quite the journey. What's neat is that I'm finally done. :P



Thanks for the fav a lot! Here's the return :)

8/20/13 Piper responds:

You're welcome. It was actually quite awhile ago that I began following you. It was your music that caught my attention. Thank you for returning the gesture.

Did you get my card? good luck with all of your "secret agent" stuff. we'll be waiting for you to get back. o and give him my best will ya?

8/8/13 Piper responds:

Hahaha omg I was just about to log out. Glad I saw this. Yes, we got the card. So sweet of you! <3 I'll text you after tomorrow's visit to update you on everything. Have a good night!

Commas used to help me in VA work.. along with cryptic squiggles and lines above and below the text, to indicate my tone-changes or speed.

As per my previous comment, well yeah, nowadays, they do (telecommute)! All they need to do is look at FB, internet search engine and ISP records. I read an article the other day, where the FBI showed up to family's house, to inquire about why they searched for a pressure cooker, and looked at certain websites. The government likes to nip things in the bud, even protests they don't support.

8/8/13 (Updated 8/8/13) Piper responds:

Yeah, I think it's safe for me to say that the general public tends to scare the government, as well as it being the other way around. It's a very interesting relationship we all seem to have, huh?

As for the commas, it really doesn't bother me online. Like when it's just people chatting or posting. To be honest, I just brought it up to be silly and playful; it was on my mind. I prefer to try and keep a good habit of comma use so that writing documents and emails correctly stays second nature to me, but I really don't care to correct anyone as I'm sure they already know it themselves. Have you heard of the book 'Eats, Shoots & Leaves?' A friend of mine shared it with me back in high school. It's quite fun. :)

EDIT: I forgot to mention. You're so right. Commas can make or break a proper delivery of your lines if there are commas missing. So helpful!

G, r, a, m, m, a, r, N, a, z, i, A, l, e, r, t, s, !

8/8/13 Piper responds:

What's a Gramma RNA Z1 alert? Some kind of precaution for elderly people against ribonucleic acid?

Commas are fine! Although it's important to remember what it was you were going to write after a comma, because otherwise,

Also, that PUNctuational joke was just terrible. Period.

8/8/13 Piper responds:

Hahaha. ;)



you,are,awesome,and,a,very,talented,voice,actr ess,there,you,know,it,please,do,talk,more.

8/7/13 Piper responds:

Aww. Lots of hugs for Asandir! :3 You rock.

you, are, suck, and, very, annoying, there, you, know, it, please, do, not, talk, any, more.

8/7/13 Piper responds:

I am Weasel! I.R. Baboon!

Secret agents can telecommute to work?

8/7/13 Piper responds:

Don't they usually? :)