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2016-11-29 17:23:06 by Piper

It's time I bring to the public ear, the arduous journey of McPoopy-Pants Jr. 

I see some of you are laughing. This is not funny. This kid died of a poopy. How would you feel if your mom died of a poopy as a kid. Think about that.


2016-04-15 22:58:27 by Piper

Hello! So today was the launch of our Steam Greenlight page!

I am a voice talent, creative consultant and writer on the team. I play the voice of Emi (the soldier) and Elspeth Eastman [HeadPhoamz] plays the Keeper. This means there are at least two Newgrounds users involved with this project! 

Watch the Greenlight trailer and visit the page to hear voice clips of Emi and the Keeper!


A beautiful work in progress, assets not final. If you don't have a Steam account but still want to help support us, sharing the link with others or retweeting the announcements from the KATS Twitter (link here and down below) would mean so much to me, the team and the fans.

There is a KATS Charity Stream the 29 -30th, running from 12PM (PST) to 7PM (PST) each day. On the 29th all donations go to Gamers Outreach. On the 30th all donations go to Save the Children. Multiple streamers from various walks of game life, and giveaways! If you're interested in watching it will be on the KATS Twitch page. If you'd like to help out send inquiries to kats@jumpbuttonstudio.com or me at contact@piperfaye.com


Thank you for your time! 


---------------------------------------- I've attached the press kit ---------------------------------------

Keeper and the Soldier
Based in California

Release date:
Q4 2017


Press / Business contact:

Dev Blog
Steam Concept Page


Keeper and the Soldier is a 2D stealth puzzle platformer from Jumpbutton Studio. It has elements of role playing and point-and-click adventure games with an emphasis on the narrative, exploring, and stealth.

The game is set in a dystopian city and its outskirts, which borders a lush forest. An ongoing war with a long forgotten beginning is at the forefront of society and has twisted the citizens of the city, mentally and physically. People here are born to serve in a disheartening, gloomy existence. Like ants, it is simply their way of life to either be a worker or a soldier.

The player controls EMI23 (or Emi for short), a young girl who is destined to be a soldier. She stumbles across the enigmatic creature, the Keeper, in her forbidden excursions to the outer forest. Drawn to the Keeper's unmarred beauty and sympathizing with its isolation, Emi embarks on a quest to help it recover pieces of an ancient device called the Arca to save the archives of human history before the Keeper's exhausted life comes to an end. The archives are humanity's last chance to lay the groundwork for future reconstruction. Time will tell if her actions bring the dawn of a new era or reveal the most dangerous thing of all: the truth.

Explore a hand-painted, rich, and beautiful immersive world with a forgotten past. Collect clues to its origins through both 2D platforming and non platforming illustrated sequences.
Keeper and the Soldier has a linear story in a non-linear game world. The main story between Emi and the Keeper propels the player through the plot. But, as the game progresses and Emi gains abilities, more of the world becomes available, allowing the player to backtrack and approach challenges in multiple ways.
The game has another type of gameplay that is similar to point and click adventure games. These sequences let the player explore smaller environments in greater detail. The player can interact with objects more directly and intimately than in the larger platforming sections of the game.
Utilize your stealth skills as agile Emi through guarded areas and outwit your foes with abilities and using the environment to your advantage.

Experience a touching tale of companionship told through two characters with no one left to turn to but each other.



About the Game

This game stemmed from a personal project that Jessica, the Project Lead, started in 2009. It was a collection of characters, story, and artwork relating to her efforts in making sense of and coming to terms with her experiences with child abuse. Keeper and the Soldier uses symbolism and fantasy to the tell the tale of a young girl's struggles, inspired by real ordeals. If you would like to learn more/see more in depth, take a look here.

The Keeper and the Soldier team strongly advocates against against child abuse and neglect, and they hope to continue to plan future charitable/awareness events towards this cause. At the moment, they have an on-going GoFundMe Fundraiser


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2015-02-11 18:26:37 by Piper

Newgrounds, I finally introduce to you the first episode of the Lost Levels series, created, voiced and animated by Redminus. This episode includes the voices of Colonel Cheru and myself, featuring music by Rakugaki Otoko


Enjoy! :)

- Pipes

ps. leave a comment, stay awhile. Put your feet up.

Fabs made a sick speed art video!

2014-12-10 16:52:02 by Piper

Fabs, one of my animators and a dear friend of mine, drew me a lovely picture for my birthday. What I didn't know, was that she also recorded it!

 If you want the completed art you can find it here: http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/thefabs/piper

And check her out at http://www.thefabs.newgrounds.com 

​If you didn't know, she has been working on a new animation called "The Finger Eater" where I have been brought on board as the main character, Ruby.

Ruby in The Finger Eater

For a an exclusive preview of The Finger Eater soundtrack, visit her soundcloud.

https://soundcloud.com/thefabsmusic/locked <---- Click to play preview!

Keep your eyes peeled for its release this winter. 

Love, Pipes



2014-10-25 12:33:51 by Piper

Made a crap video for you guys to watch with your eyes.

- Pipes

I'm back. After a short hiatus.

2014-07-07 19:47:22 by Piper

As you might have noticed, my activity on Newgrounds and other websites subsided for a few weeks. This was on account of some crazy legal stuff that I got dragged into. Not only did it call for my immediate and full attention, but it also called for a social media blackout. My apologies if anyone felt neglected. Don't worry, I still love you. <3

Here are a few updates.

The creator of Snow Snow For Lucy came out last month with Sweet Dreams Hot Shot , where I once again had a father/daughter relationship with Gianni Matragrano (SirUndead). For those who missed it you can watch it here.  


You can be my daddy if you'd like to, Gianni. ;)

Our first time as father and daughter was in Dylan Carter's "Pine" which ended up being featured in at least two different film festival showcases. Congratulations, Dylan

In other news, a teaser for the Pepe Luu series was also released last month. A series for children, created and animated by Jolijn Schuurman, that carries a dark side. It touches on some subjects that most children's shows leave untouched. That off key and somewhat ominous birthday song is being sang by Pepe to her friend Anna who is not having such a happy birthday. I voice the character, Pepe, and Anna is played by Cayla Martin. More cast members to be revealed when the pilot episode is released later this year. So be on the look out! :D


I have a lot of stuff coming out this year that I hope you'll enjoy! I also have a new voice over demo coming soon. My old demo is over a year old! I can nod wisely and tell you all, that's almost a century in voice over years. I am also going to be uploading a new video for my voice over channel this month so be on the look out!

I hope all of you are having a lovely evening and keeping it real!

- Pipes

Working With People

2014-05-08 00:56:19 by Piper


Video Blog Number One

2014-04-01 02:02:39 by Piper

Piper, does this mean there's going to be a second one of these monstrosities? Well, yes. As long as no one kills me with their mind powers because of how much they hate this first one, there will be more to come. 

<Video has been removed. sorry bro>

  Both the audio and video are poor, because someone didn't double check their AV source. <_<

I also didn't optimize the video for high def. But, I like my blogs to be unscripted and genuine, so instead of doing it over, I did my best to work with what I had. Better quality next time! Pwomises.

Also, I must warn you, I've caught the "like" bug this month, I say "like" wa-a-ay too much. I hope you don't catch it too.

Take it easy~

- Pipes


New Website!

2014-03-25 18:42:19 by Piper

So, I never told you, Katsucon 20 was a lot of fun. I met and personally spoke with Greg Houser, Bill Rogers, Ellyn Stern Epcar and Richard Epcar about voice acting. I ran into a lot of other cool people and yes, I dressed up.


 Go ahead. Laugh. I know, it's dorky looking. But I had fun!

This year's con was a little interesting. Many of our special guests were showing up late because of flight cancellations that were due to the snow storm. In the end though everything worked out for the best. This year I made it a point to show up an hour early for each of the panels, because last year I barely made it into a panel. I'll admit here, that this did result in a lot of sitting around and waiting (actually, this photo was taken of me while waiting) which is why I may invest in a VIP pass next year. I focused this year on voice acting panels, hopping from one to the next. A couple of the panels I found extra helpful were the 3 Day VA workshop with Greg Houser and Bill Rogers (the guys in that group photo where I'm in costume) and the voice directing panel with Ellyn and Richard (the two in the group photo without costume.)

After that last panel, I had a chance to speak face to face with Ellyn and Richard at an autograph session. In which I was startled with some kind words from Ellyn. "You know, you have a great voice! The industry really needs voices like yours." which from hearing, I blushed and gushed all over myself, thanked her and got back in line for Richard's autograph.Then I was thrown into another frenzy when Richard said "You have a really great voice. The voice acting industry is always looking for voices like yours."  Then Ellyn chimed in from across the way, "That's what I just said to her!" Then I fell over and died. I'd never felt as empowered or as appreciated as I did in that large carpeted hall outside Ballroom C. I walked on air for the rest of the day. [I'm telling you this, because it really meant a lot to me. Ellyn and Richard are not magical faeries that say who is talented and who isn't, all they said was my voice has a demand in the market, which encouraged me.]


Between the new knowledge I'd gained, all the information buzzing around in my mind and the encouragement from the world of voice acting, I knew right then and there on my way home that I owed it to myself and everyone who believes in me, to do my best and be the best I can be.

As some of you may have noticed, I have a new website up, PiperFaye.com. Go on and check it out it you'd like. It has information on projects I'm working on, a blog and a full history of my work. It's initial purpose is actually for networking purposes but I've tried to make it more appealing for anyone who wants to visit. I hope you guys like it, and even more, I hope that my drive to do well can inspire you in some way to do the same for yourself, for whatever it is you want to do in life. Thank you for all of your continued support. I am so grateful.

Much love!
- Pipes